Pentoir Inc. understands how valuable your time is and will send a representative to meet you at your convenience. We do recommend the owner or someone with a detailed understanding of the project is present. This interaction will allow our estimators to ask questions and clarify any concerns. Pentoir Inc. will provide the customer with a detailed estimate explaining exactly what type of preparation and materials will be used on your project. Typically estimates are completed within forty-eight hours.

In most cases Pentoir Inc. will not ask for any money down to pay for materials to start the job. Our clean and professional team will always give full attention to every detail. In most cases as stated in our agreement, we will remove any and all excess waste material associated with our work from your site with no disposal fee.

Remember if the bid you receive sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you compare the different bids carefully. Variations in a bid occur from different factors such quality of the products, craftsmanship, type of preparation or it can be as simple as not including the same scope of work. Questions about your bid will always be welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you from your team at Pentoir Inc.