Acoustic Insulation

Are the unwanted sounds of trains and planes detracting from the comfort of your home? The solution to this nuisance is spray foam insulation. It drastically reduces sound transfer through exterior walls, floor and roof as well as reducing echo effects. Couple the tremendous benefit of sound transfer reduction with the amazing echo deadening effects, the end result is one "magic material!"

Reduce Sound Transfer into Buildings

SPF reduces the sound (traffic, airplanes, loud music etc) from outside the building that is usually carried into the building through cracks and air leaks. Spraying a layer of foam on an interior wall will muffle sound around loud rooms and maintain privacy in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, etc.

Reduces Echo Effect & Reverberation

SPF, when sprayed onto very hard surfaces, reduces the natural echo. For instance, a room with concrete walls and floors with a very loud piece of machinery can make for a very noisy situation. The sound of the equipment will keep bouncing off the concrete surfaces. Foam on the walls will reduce the echo, thus reduce the sound.


Not only does Gaco Wall Foam create a barrier to keep air out, it also keeps noise out, thanks to millions of semi-rigid cells that absorb sound waves originating from outside your home. Gaco Wall Foam is proven to decrease exterior noise by up to 20 decibels. Because our perception of noise levels doubles every 10 decibels, Gaco Wall Foam has the potential to make your home up to 75% quieter.