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Pentoir Acoustical Ceiling specializes in ceiling grid tile installation. From completing basements to large industrial projects, our team will assist you in determining what materials will best enhance your design. Our skilled craftsmen will always give full attention to every detail and we understand the importance of completing projects in a timely fashion; with minimum interruptions. Simply put, our goal is your goal; 100% customer satisfaction.


Grid Dropdown Tiles

Ceiling Tiles offer cost effective, longer lasting solutions for all types of ceilings. Versatile designs allow for suspended grid systems as well as direct glue up applications. Pentoir Acoustical Ceiling can assist you with new construction and remodeling. Our experience spans from large commercial projects to residential basement theater rooms. New ceiling tiles will assist in capturing style and elegance and add value to your existing home or office for a fraction of the cost of custom coffer work.

Whether you’re looking to reclaim unused living space or simply need to update your current basement, Pentoir Acoustical Ceiling has the solutions to enhance your home’s space. We can easily transform unfinished ceilings or update existing ceiling tiles.


Acoustical Ceiling Overview

Acoustics is an integral factor of indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and it’s essential that surface finishes and systems be selected to enhance the functionality of any space relative to its design usage. Speech intelligibility is of obvious concern in classrooms, conference rooms, doctor’s offices, etc., and the choice of ceiling tile and acoustical wall treatment will have a significant effect on noise level and reverberation within these spaces. Speech privacy is likewise a real concern in hospitals, clinics, offices, etc., and the choice of ceiling and wall systems will have a significant impact on the sound intrusion between spaces.

In many cases, a sound absorbing material (ceiling or wall) will also have a significant sound attenuation effect, such that both aspects should be taken into consideration.
Whether the concern is speech or noise or sound quality, a combination of sound absorption (surface finishes), sound attenuation (walls, floor, ceiling barriers), and background noise will combine to determine the acoustic performance of the space.

Some spaces such as open offices will do well with a moderate level of background noise for privacy, whereas other spaces such as classrooms will do best with low levels of background noise for intelligibility.
Pentoir Acoustic Systems Division recommends Armstrong products for most commercial, industrial and government projects. Armstrong provides some of the latest in technological innovations in acoustics while also focusing on artistic designs. Pentoir Acoustic Systems Division can assist their clients with new projects, maintenance and warranty questions.

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Adding ceiling tiles to any room can completely enhance the decor. For additional tile selections, please visit


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Ceiling panels for suspended ceilings come in a variety of styles from classic white to decorative metal.

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