Floor Staining

Floor staining has been apart of commercial and industrial projects for decades. If you enter an upscale office building, hotel, resort, shopping center or even a hospital you will find stain work. Quality stain work not only will change the look of your typical surface area, it will also add value while providing protection. Floor staining is ideal for garage floor coating, basement floor coating, patios, brick pavers, driveways, pool decks, industrial or commercial concrete and wood floors.

Benefits with floor staining include:

  • Easy cleaning with water & mild detergent
  • Very High Gloss
  • Salt Resistance
  • Oil Resistance
  • Abrasive Resistance
  • Impact Resistant
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Slip Resistant
  • Resists Hot Tire Marks
  • Resistant to Yellowing and Fading
  • Self Leveling
  • 24 Hours for Heavy Traffic
  • Dust Proofing
  • Increase Light Reflectivity
  • Eliminates concrete contamination
  • No Odor when dry