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An interior decorator is an important part of Pentoir due to the fact that paint is a very important part of design. Your house or office space says a lot about who you are. Paint is a very cost effective way to change your room into your show case. Paint color can make a world of difference, even if it is just an accent wall, it can make your whole project come alive.

Our job is to be involved and help you reach your goals and expectations.  If you don't really know what those are, then it is our job to listen and help you figure that out.  We have many ideas and pictures of things that we have done in the past to help the process be as painless as possible and to make it fun.  This will also help with saving money and making costly mistakes. Painting your house is a big deal. It is intimate and a part of who you are.  We want to give you the best experience with personal care that we possibly can.

Please visit Sherwin Williams and upload a picture of your interior and exterior to there color matching program. This will allow you to view your home in many different color schemes without ever lifting a brush.