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They've done everything for me. They painted the floors and inside the doors. They're professional, their employees are very courteous, they're well mannered, and they get the job done. The good thing about it is that they come in and get the job done quicker than anybody else could. They send a lot of people and just knock it out.

They do a very nice job. We've used them for seven years now. They do the job correctly, they show up on time, and they just do very nice stuff. I don't have to worry about if they're doing the right kind of job. Of course, they're not the cheapest in the area, but they're going to do a good job. They did both interior painting and exterior painting. They always use the proper type of paint.

They're outstanding. They do a very good job, they show up on time, they follow up on time, and they send follow-up emails. They were good in all areas.

Pentoir is the best painter I've ever used, and I've used a bunch of painters. I would never use another painter. They did both interior and exterior painting for me. They cleaned up perfectly after their service.

They were great. For one, they came and they worked. They didn't sit around. They had a crew here, and they just got everything done. They were very attentive to the details of things we wanted done, which we explained to them. We're just very pleased with them.

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They painted the exterior of my house and I was satisfied with it I would use them again.

They were absolutely wonderful. I had a leak around my chimney. I've had three other companies come out to try to fix it, and none of them could solve the problem. Then Pentoir came out, found a leak, and gave me a price for additional work inside the chimney. It was so bad that the 2x4s had rotted and the chimney was swaying and I didn't even know it. They fixed that, and they were excellent. It had been going on for probably two years and they finally fixed the problem. I'm going to have them come back and do some painting inside. I'm a realtor, so I've recommended them to other people.

Pentoir Painting did spray insulation. They did a good job. I felt comfortable having those workers in my home and around the property. They finished up in a good amount of time for me.

I think Pentoir Painting is excellent. They did painting and drywall work. They did a little bit of exterior work, but the majority of it was interior. They painted three rooms and one exterior wall. They cleaned up well when they finished. They were very professional. I would use them again.

Pentoir Painting painted the exterior trim on my house. What stood out about Pentoir was that they showed up when they were supposed to, did what they were supposed to, cleaned up, and left. It was good work. It's been about two years. I have no complaints about them, and I would definitely use them again. I would also recommend them to others.

Pentoir Painting has done some painting for me in the last few years. It was pretty good. They did interior work, drywall. The workers cleaned everything up when they were done, for the most part. They were polite and professional with me.

I had Pentoir Painting come and do some painting for us. They did a very good job. It was exterior painting. They had painted the house when we purchased it, but we purchased it as a spec home. It was the first work they had done for me. Everything went well-I have no concerns or complaints. The finished product was beautiful. It was everything I was looking for. I plan on calling them back.

I thought they were very good. It was exterior painting. They were pleasant and polite.

Pentoir painted and did some drywall repair inside. It went great. The crew that was in my home was very respectful and clean. Everything is exactly how I wanted it to be. Their customer service was great too.

It was exterior painting. I thought they were fine and reasonably priced. They were going over something with the same color and same type of paint that I already had. They were able to match that for me. I've recommended them to others.

They're great. We use them all the time.

Pentoir Painting did exterior painting for me last year. They did a great job. They were very clean and neat, and I thought they were very quick in getting the work done. They didn't help me with the color; they were trying to match the color that was already there.

Pentoir Painting did both interior and exterior work, and they did a great job. They had good cleanup and everything. I would refer this company to other people. I felt comfortable with them in my home as they were doing the work. They were great.

I love them. They're absolutely phenomenal. I've been working with them for about 12 years now. What stands out is their quality and their service. They're always on time. They're just good guys. Jonathan does what he says he's going to do. It's just a good-quality company. I've enjoyed working with them.

We have had work done by them. We were very much satisfied with the work. They were really good, and they did everything that we needed them to do.

We have a very good relationship with them. They've worked on several projects for us in the past several months, and we have no problems whatsoever at this point. They've mostly done metal studs, drywall, and acoustical ceilings. They've done concrete polishing and stainingprobably less painting than any thing- but they've painted for us, as well. All our work, at this point, has been commercial. They've done very good work, in a timely manner. We have had no issues with them to this point.

The service went great. They've done numerous things. They've done sheetrock work. They've done painting, re-painting, and new construction. I've been very pleased with their work. They do what they tell you, and they give a fair price. I've been very happy with them. I'm a contractor. I do residential work, and all their stuff for me has been residential. He currently has a job priced for me doing a dental office, which would be commercial. But right now, mainly, everything he's done for me is residential.

They were great. They did a good job, and we're very happy with their service. They did painting, for the most part. I think they may have scraped some popcorn off a ceiling. They've done nothing residential. Everything was to my standards.

They do all our painting and drywall for years. If I didn't feel good about them, they wouldn't work for me. They've been with us for probably nine or ten years - a long time. They do all of our drywall and painting. They do a good job. They're on schedule. They have good communications. We've never had any issues-none at all.

They're an excellent painting crew. We've been using them for several years. We're very happy with their work. I mean, I just appreciate that they're professional. They come in, get the job done, and do a good job. They don't pull off. They stick with it, do it in a timely manner, and they do a first-class job. I really can't think of any glitches. I mean, nobody is perfect, and I'm sure there are always issues, but I think Jonathon has always taken care of any issues we've had. They also do my drywall work, too, besides the painting. I've been extremely happy with them. I wish all my subcontractors were at the level he's at.

They've done work for me. I felt fine about them. They do great work. If we have an issue when construction happens, they come back in a timely manner and fix it. I've used them, probably, since 2004. They've done commercial and residential jobs. They've painted my personal house before.

Pentoir Painting did the work for us. They were good. They know what they're doing. They just did exterior work. They cleaned up well after their service, also. They did a good job, they really did.

I was very pleased with Pentoir Painting. They did interior work. I felt like they were very professional when they came out. They cleaned up after their service, also. I would certainly use them again if I had an occasion to need their service.

We had Pentoir Painting do some painting for us. They did interior painting. I had not previously had them do any work for me. Everything went welL I have no complaints at all. I would call on them again, or recommend them to family or friends.

Pentoir Painting did an exterior paint job on my home. They painted the whole outside of the house. They did a very good job. I would call on them again if I had the need, and I have recommended them to friends.

Pentoir Painting did exterior work. Everything tumed out really well. I was very pleased. They were very respectful of my property outside, and me. They showed up and did exactly what we agreed to, and I was pleased. I would use them for this again in the future. I referred them to other people.

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